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Push notifications allow for new digital communication and marketing strategies to engage customers and raise conversion rates. Adopt this cost-effective platform to increase revenue and user lifetime value, always bringing the customer back.

Measure and analyse the insightful dashboard to learn more about the performance of your push notification campaigns in real-time. Track engagement of customers from delivery rate, click-rate and the conversion rate for your campaign.

Popnotifi has a smart SDK making it simple to integrate, after you signup you have to copy/paste five lines of code from our dashboard into your homepage and that’s all, it's that easy! To make it even easier we also have free WordPress and open cart plugins available for simple integration into your website {link to OpenCart and WordPress plugins}

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The only fee you will pay is $0,001 per subscriber. Got over 1.5m subscribers? No problem! pay a fixed fee of $1500 per month and never pay more no matter how many subscribers you get.

14-day free trial

The free trial is a time where you can use the entire platform with no limitations and no commitment. Don’t put any credit card details until you are satisfied.